Wake Up

You are all taken from your homes about 6 months ago. An unknown group grabbed you from a the local market in the middle of the day. They were able to throw a sack over your head and knock you out cold. The only description you can remember is the holy symbol of Bane on some of their armor and clothing.

When you woke up sometime later you were already bound and in a small, cramped holding cage with about 4 others. The sack over your head was only removed from time to time for the next few weeks to eat. It smelled of humanoid waste and decay. As you reached your first destination you were put with others in some slave ship and sent over to the coast of, what your captures said, was Chessenta.

On the coast you were all bought and sold with many others right outside the ship. A goblin, who calls himself Ivan, with fine clothing and jewelry, bid for each of you and purchased you to work in his mine in Ironspike. You were bound again and sent for a tenday trip back to his mining company.

At the mining camp you were all fashioned with a thick leather and metal collar. The collar is pair up with an unknown partner within your group. If you ever become more than 200 feet from your partner both collars will explode and both will be instantly decapitated. You have seen this collar tested on numerous occasions, many frustrated slaves have tried to escape thinking that they might have found their partner only to be horribly wrong.

It is now the 3rd day of month of Highsun, summer is almost over; thank the gods. Sweat drips off every inch of your tired and fatigued body as you labor on endlessly. Each of you has gained some notoriety in those last 6 months being either physically or mentally superior to those around you. Some rumors around the camp have surfaced recently about an orc tribe raiding and dismantling one of Ivan’s other mines. That morning the guards summon you to his masters chambers…..



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